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Originally Posted by Littlecansofbeans View Post
I sew mine. I don't use any extras so I can't advise you.. The loops on mine are short enough that they will not be floppy - I think for some people floppiness can be fixed by shortening the length used for he loops. Had I used 11 inches rather than 9 inches then they would be floppy - I do quite a bit of trial and error before getting the right size - I don't go off a chart I kind of do my own chart. I basically fold a loop to the size i want it - when im happy i unfold and measure that peice of ribbon - i multiply that by 4 and add 2 or so inches for the tails. Rachel send me some 4 inch ribbon that I have to make a bow from - I am playing with that this afternoon.
Thank you so much for the tip on the loops!! I have 2.25" ribbon sitting in a box and going to waste I can now try my luck with it again!!! My DD will be so excited if I'm able to master it, she's a big fan of the BIG bows, LOL.
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