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Default Re: Help combining covered button and pony-o streamers

I don't know if this will work since the ponytail streamers have a knot in the middle instead of a flat wrap or even if I can explain it, but I'll try. I have on my website what I call Buttons 'n Bows where you have a boutique bow with a flat center and a coordinating monogrammed button that can be wrapped around the centrer to give you two different looks. I think you can poossibly do the same thing. Use a thin and small (diameter) pony elastic and pinch the end together where two sides meet and push it through the loop on the back of the button. Once it is through take the other end of the elastic and feed it through the small looped elastic that you just pushed through the button loop (it will go between the metal loop on the button and the small elastic loop you created when you pushed the elastic through the metal button loop. Once it is through pull it up and push the knot down to the metal button loop. Then you can take the button and place it in the center of the ponytail streamer and wrap the elastic around the streamer and other elastic there in the center until you have taken up all of the slack and finally loop it over the button to hold. Then you can wear the streamers by themselves, the button pony 'o by itself or the two together. I know this is confusing, but it is really very easy to do (the hardest part is getting the elastic through the button loop). If I had only learned my knots I could you tell what type this creates (maybe a slip knot/)! I'm not sure if it will work for streamers, but it does on the bows.

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