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Default Re: bases and spikes

I never paid for any instructions & I can do this. So I am not giving you any information that I paid for. I came up with this on my own from looking at what I like and using trial and error. You can do it too!!!

Start with your boutique bow. Then do your loopy layer. Do your 3/8 loops with approx 1" longer ribbon than your boutique ribbon, if I remember right. Then stitch the bow to your loops. Then I lay some ribbon horizontally behind my two layers lengthwise to see how long I want my spikes to be. I prefer the ends sticking out approx 3/4" to 1".

I cut all of my spikes the same length to create kind of a spiky circle layer behind the loops & bow. I dovetail cut before stitching (fold in half, cut at 45 degree angle and heat seal while still folded). To arrange the spikes, lay one horizontally, then create an x with 2 more strips at a 90 degree angle and lay it over the horizontal ribbon. Then I fill in the gaps and layer if desired until it is as full as I'd like.

Then stitch, cinch to crease, wrap & tie off. Stitch to your loopy backed boutique bow. I prefer to put a bigger basic bow behind the spikes to make it extra poofy.

I may not be doing this the "right way" but I think my bows turned out well.

Good Luck,
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