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Default Re: Super frustrated

Do you stitch through the center? I don't think I can use HTML to upload pictures, But maybe I can put links here & you can cut and paste:

Here's one to show stitching:

Then I cinch it up by pulling the *dental floss* (yes, use waxed dental floss), then wrap it around at least twice, and tie it off on the back.

Here's the finished bow so you can see the cinched bow without a center:

I never had good luck with the Sally clip, personally. When I tried it, I always had a great fold, but my ribbon slipped & I lost my form if I tried to use that big clip. I do mine pinned to the arm of my couch like this:

Boutique Bow Free Instructions

I hope you can see the pictures. If not you can message me off board. [email protected].

Good luck!!!

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