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Default Bad eBay purchase!!

I am so MAD! I think steam is coming out of my ears.

I just bought some completely adorable Christmas ''flatbacks'' off of eBay. Or at least, they were advertised to be flatbacks of 'the highest quality.' I paid $6.50 for 12 of them.

Well I got them in today, FINALLY, and get this. They were ornaments or something, b/c on each and every one of them, there is a little hole at the top with a little bit of wire sticking out that this seller clipped off. I'm thinking they were probably those little "a tree for me" ornaments that Hobby Lobby sells, or something like that.

So I don't even know if I can use these as hairbow flatbacks, because the hole is very visible, larger than a piece of pencil lead, and not to mention the prick you get in your finger when you run it across the hole from the stupid METAL WIRE!!

If anyone would like to know the username of this seller, PLEASE, pm me. I would hate for anyone else to be tricked like this.

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