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Default How to make Ribbon Poinsettia ~Here~ :)

hello again ladies...another request so I came up with this inst. Of course, these flowers are already out there so, it's not mine. Again, feel free to modify and hope this will give y'all ideas. Ribbon colors used are just for better references.

Fabric Tac
Needle & Thread

Here we go!

1. Cut 8 x 4" 3/8 ribbons.

2. Line/stack 4 ribbons together. The top ribbon, mark a lil' dot for the center. In this case, your center will be at 2"

3. Take your needle and *poke* towards the center mark (from the bottom as you don't want your tie-off thread to show at the top). Don't pull needle all the way up yet. Once your needle is there, spread the ribbons out like the pic. Look closely as to which ribbons spread to where. The first 2 goes horizontally and the bottom 2 stays vertical. Sorry, pic not that great and kinda taken

4. Once you've spread it out evenly, this is when you sew it off. You can see the white thread at the center where I sew it off.

5. The glueing part. Take both ends, bring it together and glue the tip. No twisting, no flipping .

6. Walaaa. =) Make sure you hv 2 sets to stack. Notice the color Red at the top and Turquoise at the bottom? Colors used are just for reference. Many uses Red, Silver, White etc etc... To Cover the Stitch, embelish it with a center or rhinestones, etc etc...

Okies..hth... =)

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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