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Default Re: Can someone help me figure this out...

Originally Posted by Angelina Mia Bambina View Post
My girlfriend wants me to make her daughter a tutu dress for halloween but she wants like a bodice, she found this Etsy seller as an example. Its looks just like a tank top w/the tutu sewed to i right? Any help would be appreciated!

Etsy Seller Example

AND can anyone tell me I can see this is organza but how does she get it like all ruffled?

ESTY Seller Example

For the first one, it looks like a tank top to me, with a lining/underskirt beneath the tulle. Looking at some of the designer's other beautiful creations, an underskirt is visible in the same color as the bodice but in a satin-type material with a sheen rather than the cotton of the bodice.

For the second one, I'd say she finished the edges of the organza by machine to make the "ruffled" look. Do an internet search on how to make your own bridal veil and you may find the method (I think that's how I've seen it online before - my own veil had that ruffle although I bought it that way and attached it to a headpiece I had made ). Then everything is gathered and layered at the waist. A lot of work but beautiful!


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