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Default Re: I think I like Gem Tac

I was wondering about this glue as well after seeing and wanted to know if it hold wells. I wanted to use it to attach bling to leather and such. Please do tell us more after you use it.

Originally Posted by Rene R View Post
Yep, after using it as a test on one of my clippies, I think I REALLY like it. Iit goes on easy and you can really get the ribbon flat against the clip. I just have not had good luck with hot glue for some reason my hot glue on my clippies is always "lumpy" and it just doesn't look good to me when viewing it from the side. This glue takes a little more curing time, but also allows for adjustment if need be. It says it's washable after 24 hours so I'm going to put it in the washing machine and see what happens to it and then I'm going to DD wear it to school and see how it holds up. She is 8, but bad to take things out of her hair and play/pick at it... so we'll see! Iposted on this glue last to see if anyone had used it. Here's the post that gives a little more info, that is if any one is interested.
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