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Default Re: ISO Ballerina Clippies Instructions

Originally Posted by iluvespirates View Post
Hello ladies,
I know I have been MIA for a bit, with 3 kids in in football and my daughter in soccer, basketball and soon ballet I have been crunched for time...but I was wondering if anyone knew where to get ballerina clippie instructions..I know I saw them but I just can not remember where I saw them...any help would be great ladies, I would perfer free ones but paid ones will be ok if it is reasonable...thanks

Not trying to steal anyone's future business and if I didn't find this on this site I probally wouldn't mention it but last week I was also looking for FREE instructions so I could make these for the girls at the Studio...
I came across the "Cinderella" in the free instructions list on here and just improvised where needed to make my "ballerina" So, its just a thought...
My tutu didn't come out as pretty as PunkyMunky's so you might want to still purchase her instructions...
But, just wanted to put that out there since you did mention free...
Heres how mine came out...
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