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Default Re: TOTT, TNT, HANDS - Used them all!

Originally Posted by momma2 View Post
does the tnt really work.i want to buy something to help with ideas and even ness. i was looking at the tott and wanting to purchase, any ideas???
TNT works for me.

I think it is really personal preference. I know some ladies who have successfully used TOTT bow maker, but I am hopeless at that. But their manual is great for ideas and inspiration tho.

Originally Posted by smoochieepooh View Post
You're not talking about the Brilliant Bow Maker right? I just bought that one a couple days ago.
I am still waiting for my BBM... international shipment takes quite a while. (Yes... I am nuts... I bought BBM, TOTT, TNT, but it was my birthday, I get to go shopping! )

I am sure BBM is great. I have read the reviews and everyone seems to love it!

Oops! Forgot to reply... the mess was with TOTT bow maker. Somehow, I just cant get it right. Even the sizes confuses me. Maybe it is just me. LOL!

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