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Default Re: TOTT, TNT, HANDS - Used them all!

Originally Posted by bleufrogs View Post
I hope this is the right spot for this thread. Mod, Please feel free to move it if it should be in another category.

I got busy last night and did all these using TOTT, TNT and of cos my hands (and good ol' Gator bite). And just thought I would share them with you.

Yellow bows - These are made using 3 inch TNT templates. They are really easy to make.
Blue bows, 2nd image - I only managed to make 2 bows using the bow maker before I gave up. I ended up with ribbons everywhere (was trying to work off the spool), tangles and a mess.
Blue bows, 3rd image - These are the same bows I attempted using the bow maker, but decided to twist them by hands instead. It was faster and easier.
Loops, 4th image - First set of loops are done twisted boutique style. Second set uses TNT method. I tried to stack bows on them and they gave me surprisely, very different results.

Did them all under 3 hours with trials and errors.

You're not talking about the Brilliant Bow Maker right? I just bought that one a couple days ago.
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