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Originally Posted by texie106smith View Post
Headbands look tough to finish but they aren't. Clip the ribbons on the backside of the headband with 1/4" on end. Put dab of hot glue on front side of band under the front ending ribbons and glue. Bring the front ribbons to the back - keeping with the weave of the band - clip leaving 1/4" end and hot glue down. As long as you stay with the weave and bring the front to the back to finish it will look great. As to the colors, I had an easier time when I used 4 colors of ribbon on my first headband, then I went to a striped 3/8" ribbon for the whole band. It was really neat looking. Good luck, all my first trys went to grandaughter and she is a happy girl.

grandbabies really benefit, don't they? They're what started this whole business, lol!

The other day, the two year old was pretend talking on the phone. Her other grandma asked her who she was talking to and what she was talking about. Alexa said, "Maw. {what she calls us grandmas} Order bows."

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