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I actually ended up doing both ways...the first few I did by the gluing, cutting, heat sealing...then (probably because I used to make baskets) I wanted to try to fold over yet stay with the weave. I must say, once you get a few done, it gets easier, just like the weaving part. The first ones sure look like they are the first ones but, yep...the grandbaby will still be happy, lol!

Thanks to every one for their help! I kinda like doing them assembly line...getting all the weaving done, then just sitting down and doing the ends one after the other.

Pretty soon the princess babies will be here and we'll see how they fit. I used one inch headbands because I thought my hands could stand it! I'll have to see how it looks. Perhaps one inch looks too big on a two year old? I bet Sarah would know!

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