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Default Re: TOTT, TNT, HANDS - Used them all!

Originally Posted by mom2girls View Post
thanks for sharing i really like the first set of bows and have been trying to get them to come out like that by hand but can't seem to get it down right LOL
You are not the only one. I can only get those you see on the pix by hand with fairly consistent results (and only 3 inch or more! LOL). The rest of the bows are a mystery to me till I got the templates.

Originally Posted by Littlecansofbeans View Post
Lovely job! I swear to do it all by hand! The last pic - I can see the difference - I have studied that = it really is all about the underlayer. The boutique does not give a flat surface - the figure 8 does.
Bingo! The flat surface allows the loops to cover the top bow nicely. I have 2 bows, same construction, but the loops are done both ways, and the end results is very different. Let me go find the pix and I will post it online.

Originally Posted by aprylmp View Post
Thanks for all that. Really makes me think I really really do have to break down and buy the TNT!!
I am glad you found the pix useful.
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