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Default Re: WHA????? $89 for 6 clips?

I saw the clips for sale about a year ago at a local shop in the tourist section of town (Newport, RI), and yes, they are that expensive. I didn't see anyone actually buying them, or anyone but me looking at them. The ones the shop carried were the American Crafts ribbon covered clips with a few rhinestones, not the ones with lots of rhinestones. Although I did see one covered with Swarovski chessboard (they call it checkerboard) squares that I liked - I remember it cost something like $26 for one clip and I see on the site it has been reduced to $19.13. But the crystals were just hot glued to the alligator clip, no ribbon or any other lining on the clip, and I thought that was really cheap looking for the price! There were few other hair accessories in the shop as well but not many. This is the type of shop that sells cashmere ponchos for toddlers and other sorts of things average people (like me) don't buy. The shop also had thank you cards from celebrities like Kate Hudson for baby gifts (freebies for publicity, I assume). I think Faigie does the same thing.

I had visited the shop to see if there might be a market for my clips there but decided not to even ask. Just not my cup of tea. Now I'm curious - I've got to go back and see if the Faigie stuff is still there.

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