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i had carpel tunnell surgery done on my right hand when i was 24yrs old. i got it from having my hand on the mouse from being on the computer too much. took a few months to heal up where i can use it to do massage again. but now i have no problems (oh i started to get it back when i was using a manual breast pump) but after i stopped using it the pain went away and i been good since.

Originally Posted by RachelandRachelle View Post
WOW!! I wish I could get 10 done in an hour!!!

I have carpal tunnel on both hands...Thankfully my right hand is not as bad as my left. This is why lately I haven't posted much, my hand is killing me when I have to hold a bow together. I hold it with my worse hand, the lefty!

The good thing at this moment I am only wearing one brace..I look funny wearing two and walking around with a 3 yr old!!!LOLOLOL

Got to be thankful for what you have!!
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