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no i dont have one, i just use a lighter to seal them. i thought about getting a wood burner but i am new to this so i dont want to melt the ribbon lol. thank you. i have a 17month old here that keeps me pretty busy so i dont have time for anything untill she goes to bed for the night. daddy puts her to bed for me (atleast he is useful for something LOL)

i would probably get more done if i had a desk, but i dont i work on the coffee table in the living room, hands reach for the baby. she destroys and takes off with everything!!

Originally Posted by mdb78 View Post
Do you have a woodburner tool? Cutting and sealing in one slice makes it much easier for me!

I saw on your myspace page that you have 3 beautiful kids and 1 on the way. Congrats!

Don't worry, you can do it! Sending you speedy vibes!!!!
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