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Default Re: Envirotex questions

I have had so many problem with doing bottlecap, but now i am a champion bottlecap maker.

I do 200 at a time.

i use a cap full of each resin at a time. Make sure you are mixing really good for at least a whole minute. (if you don't it will just be sticking) I use a infant medication dropper. I fill the whole dropper up and squirt a small round circle in the center of about 5 to 10 circles and i get some more allowing time for the envirtomex to spread over the bottle caps. Then when i don't with all my resin in my paper cup, I get a toothpick out an make sure that all the cap is covered with the resin. after I done doing all the bottlecaps with the tooth pick, I get my lighter out and fry those little bubbles ( the funniest part of the whole Then i start on the next batch. I do come back to the previous batch about 20 mins. later to make sure they don't have any bubbles.

hope that helps
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