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Originally Posted by unbrokendreamz View Post
last night i pre cut the ribbon and tonight when im done playing on the computer i will heat seal the ribbon. and tomorrow night i will see how many lined clippies i can make. i think i need about 500 lined clippies, maybe 200 embellished ones. then a bunch of solid lined clippies for when i start making hairbows. i need a huge stock for the fair in december..

on top of all that i am also making pacifier clips, flower clippies, ribbon halos, stretch lace baby head bands, pony streamers, hair bow holders, jewelry, and more...

and what sucks is i can only do my crafts after 8pm. so i have NO idea how i am going to be able to make everything i need for the fair.

Do you have a woodburner tool? Cutting and sealing in one slice makes it much easier for me!

I saw on your myspace page that you have 3 beautiful kids and 1 on the way. Congrats!

Don't worry, you can do it! Sending you speedy vibes!!!!

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