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Originally Posted by vplascencia View Post
hi girls I bought e book instructions from pampered princess for 25 dollars and did not get all the files. I e mailed them 10 times or more to let them know thry were uncomplete. They say that they reply within 24 hrs, and never replied or sent me my missing files of instructions. Bad service, no communication, no phone to call them, nothing. Do not buy from them, they are so irresponsible. Devon, tots and michelle are the best places to learn how tomake bows, and for tips.
If anyone knows how to contact pampered princess hair bows let me know, the instructions I am missing are the ones I was interested the most. thank you, Roni P.
ok.. my ca ching almost going to the little pampered princess. i saw on e-bay for 9.99 about the e-book thing. I thought for 25 dollars would be everything included e-book, cd-rom and ribbon supplies. i seriously am almost pressing my paypal send money button until i went to this window and read about this ... am wondering now..... i have an addiction with hair bow instructions the latest was from roni's hehe.. but um, i seriously dont know how to contact them.... i hope you get all the files and all soon and try contacting them again maybe..--->EDIT:::: Whoooppss ignore my comment.. i think the one that i was going to bid was little bow peep.. this is what happened when you stayed up at night and go online.... i probably didn't read that much.. so anyhow.. i might go for this instructions and watch until it ends and probably bid..
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