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Default Re: Bottlecap question

Originally Posted by mommylaur View Post
you're not dunb- I am! When you use word. . .do you just copy and paste an image and then resize it?? Or are you creating your own image? I know none of this stuff!!

Also, what are your plain bottle cap suppliers? I haven't purchased any yet. . .where are the best deals? Thanks!!
Some images I put together in paint and others I get from searching google images. I haven't really done to many, but this is what I do
In word this is what I figured out
Open a new blank document
At the top click on insert
Scroll down to picture
From file (one you have saved already)
Choose your file
It will then show up on the page
Right click on the picture and go to format object
Click on the tab that says size
In each box but a 1 (for 1 inch)
Then click on ok
Print out the image and punch with 1 inch punch.
I hope that makes sence.
I got my caps off ebay. I just wanted to get a few to try it out.
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