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Default Tried to use my xyron sticker maker to line clips

Well I am fairly new at this and have been mostly lining clippies lately. I still haven't figured out if I like hot glue vs fabritac, etc. So I was thinking about my Xyron sticker maker I have, I used to use it to run ribbon thru to use for scrapbooking and card making so I thought why not give it a try it has permanent adhesive. I cut my ribbons to line clips, heat sealed the ends and fed it in the sticker maker. I was able to fit three ribbons in at one time. It made it quick and painless (I am not so good with the hot glue. It worked decent. The downside is it isn't as permanent as the other methods and cost wise might not be he most effective. The ribbon stays attached fairly well although it will come off if I try to remove it. Just thought I would share my experience. Maybe someone else has already tried this.

Xyron | 1.5? create-a-sticker?
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