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Default Bottle Cap questions

Yesterday I purchased some bottle cap images from Etsy and plan to go home tonight and try to make some, but I have a few questions first.

What's best to glue them down with?

What resin or glaze do you recommend/do I need a sealer before using this?

Can I get the supplies at Walmart?

Do you prefer the images on the inside or outside for necklaces?

Do you prefer the caps smashed or standing up?

I have my opinions on the last two questions, but wanted to know what the general consensus is.

Also, a few of the images were sent as a PDF file. I have saved them to a disk so that I can print them at work, but I can't use photo paper there. I had planned to take them to Walmart and print them at one of the kiosks there, but I don't know if they will recognize the file format. Any advice there would be greatly appreciated.

I know I have a lot of questions, and I did do a search, just didn't find the answers to these questions.
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