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Talking Any ideas on how to make a Hillbilly Costume for my DD?

Ok so the Halloween Costume Contest is coming up at our Walmart. The only costumes that ever win are homemade ones that are funny. So, I think my 2 year old DD would be so cute but I dont have a clue what to put on her. I want something really funny. Does anyone know of any place to get a hillbilly costume for a 2 year old girl? Ive searched the internet and can't find anything!

ALSO-- For my other DD, (shes 4) I think I might put her Barbie Dress on her and make a cardboard box to put over her like she is new Barbie in the Box. What does everyone think about that? Too stupid? Or do you think its cute. I saw some pics on the internet of that.

If anyone has any ideas for a funnier costume for both my DDs that will help me win PLEASE let me know! These arent going to be their trick or treat costumes. (they want to be witches) I just need some ideas for the contest!

Thanks in advance for all your input!
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