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Default Re: What can you put on pony-o's?

Originally Posted by aliciaandbabies View Post
I do korkers on pony O and I have done bows on them too. I just put the pony O in with the bow when I put the center part of the bow on and glue it. Alot of times with thick hair though the best thing is to put the hair up with a plain pony o and then just clip the french clip on a little part of hair just above it. I never put my daughter's bows in without a ponytail holder with them. THey'd slip right out.

That is what I do with every bow. I can get away with using the clear small throw away elastics in my daughter's hair (sometimes I use two to make sure that she comes home from school with her hair still up) and then clip the bow on top.

I actually bought a couple dozen bags when I did a wholesale supply order and offer them just as a convenience item at shows for a dollar a bag, just like the dollar store does. I have them right by the Gripzie packs, just as a impulse buy for customers.
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