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Default Re: I love this Headband & Bow

Originally Posted by ronda View Post
That's the pic from, right? But it's on your website. If you haven't gotten permission to use that pic on your website, you might want to take it down real quick.

I don't know how to make the bow, but I'm sure you can find instructions here. As far as the stretchy headband, we've talked about that here before. If you do a search, the threads will probably come up for you. I make them myself, but I know there are places to buy them.
Yes... I will take down her picture asap because I don't have permission to put it on my site. I've only placed her picture on my site for the day because I can't save her picture and show it to you guys without allllll of her bows being shown. Then, you won't know which bow I'm talking about. I'm not trying to be rude (please believe me). I wouldn't want someone stealing my pictures and will be taking it down asap. I don't have a price listed and can't even take an order for the bow. I just wanted to to show you gals. Sorry.... I will say that whoever owns Abbe Designs has some beautiful stuff!
Have a great day!
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