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Originally Posted by Lorijoz View Post
Oh no. I would be so disppointed. Can you point out that you were trying to get the bows and ask for him to retake them?
No-I knew going in that his style is way different, but I thought that if I sent him pics before hand of examples I did like, if I kept reminding him, etc. that they would be OK and they weren't. I don't know how many times even during the shoot I said "That would be OK as long as we remember we are shooting the bow..." and then they all turn out like this!

I'm doing another shoot with another photographer and we have some cute ideas for it so I'm excited for that! We're doing it on a white back drop and the babies will be in white onesies so that nothing distracts from the bow. They'll each have a prop that will be planned to match the bow so that if it does show, that's OK and if not, that's OK too. Just not sure what we'll do for the toddlers and bigger girls yet
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