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Default Re: Can someone please tell me how to make a

Originally Posted by toifrogs View Post
Why is it off limits this time? Because the op is new and the instructions are by a member? I understand why that would be the case, but answer nicely or not at all!
These are rhethorical questions, not meant to be answered by anyone else. You can see that I answered myself.

What I am saying is not that people shouldn't voice their opinions and be honest. I completely agree that we should be honest with one another, especially when they ask for honest opinions. BUT, they should say it with respect for the other human being involved. Why is it necessary to be rude? I don't think anyone expects others to say what they "expect them to say" versus their true opinion. That's ridiculous. Just say it with respect.

I do think Lauren's response was very respectful and got the same point across without insulting op.

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