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Default Re: Can someone please tell me how to make a

Since this is "YOUR" project I am sorry if I insulted you in any way....I honestly did not know it was a NO NO to do so.

To those who simply felt the need to be rude to me...WHy exactly was that?
I am pretty new here & have never made anything. I have bought a TON of INSTRUCTIONS here waiting to try.
I honestly didnt realize that EVERYTHING HAD TO BE BOUGHT. I thought that perhaps smeone could help with with just a part of something.

I am sure many of you have all seen something you liked, & have done someone elses idea, putting your own spin on it or not. Did you buy those? THe differance is that Im new & dumb enough to honeslty ask for help & you have the know how without having to ask how to do it.

WE all have to start someplace...perhaps you could just pm me next time letting me know the guideline for such a thing, not reply, or let me know how to correctly go about doing something WITHOUT publicly insulting someone you dont know.
I was an honest mistake.

Again Leatrice, sorry!

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