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Hey Michelle,

She makes her boutique bows with small loops on the beginning two loops and the last two are a lot larger than the first two. When finished the top loops of the bow are large and the bottom loops are smaller. Me personally I like mine bottom only slightly larger than the top, barely, barely though. I think the flow of the eye goes with the weight of the loops and having to loops backward sized like that is trying to read a book backwards. Anyways, the same boutique style is used throughout the whole bow. Glue each layer of bow together to hold it and leave the thread on the base bow very long when you tie them all together it will bury the top bow in between the surrounding bows. Her's are big, big, so use a 5" base bow, and about a 3.5" for the top and make sure you make the surround bows bigger than the 3.5" bow so it can sink into the 3 surround bows. I honestly think you have it down, just readjust your sizes. ~~Mindy--ps. thanks for the compliment.
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