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Default Re: Monogrammed bows??

Originally Posted by homeschoolmom View Post
I use the heavy weight stabilizer for ball caps!!! I love it! I do not have a problem with the ribbon moving at all! but if it does move or you can not get the ribbon straight- you can use a tiny piece of double sided tape at the top(above the stitch line) and one on the bottom (below the stitch line) that way you can use tear away backing -I like to do this if I am stitching a long name down a couple of ribbons because I can use a larger hoop and place 3 or 4 pieces of ribbon on my 12 X 12 hoop. and I don't have to hoop the ribbon just the stabilizer...ok I have went on long
Did you post about the ball cap stabilizer earlier? I bought it after reading that someone used it but couldn't remember who or if I read it on here. I haven't tried it yet. Do you use spray adhesive to hold the ribbon or do you pin it to the stabilizer?
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