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Default Re: Monogrammed bows??

Originally Posted by Rene R View Post
I have used tear away medium weight, but I prefer the sticky back stabilizer. The sticky back really holds the ribbon in place and the edges don't seem to pull as bad. With the sticky back you might have some stabilizer to show on the back/underneath side. Be careful not to tug on the ribbon too much(when removing the stabilizer) as you don't want the edges of the ribbon to pull. I have bought some heavy weight stabilizer that you use on ball caps, but haven't tried it yet.
I use the heavy weight stabilizer for ball caps!!! I love it! I do not have a problem with the ribbon moving at all! but if it does move or you can not get the ribbon straight- you can use a tiny piece of double sided tape at the top(above the stitch line) and one on the bottom (below the stitch line) that way you can use tear away backing -I like to do this if I am stitching a long name down a couple of ribbons because I can use a larger hoop and place 3 or 4 pieces of ribbon on my 12 X 12 hoop. and I don't have to hoop the ribbon just the stabilizer...ok I have went on long

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