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Default Total Bust!

Man I am sick to my stomach right now! I had scheduled a photo shoot to update my website pics. I had 5 babies, 2 toddlers, and 2 school age girls. The photographer is kinda a family friend. I knew his style wasn't what I wanted, however I was very certain of what I wanted. I sent him pics, numerous emails of what I wanted, etc. so I thought that would help. WRONG!

I got the CD back this morning which were supposedly edited and the lighting, composition, EVERYTHING was terrible. Out of 200 some pics, I would consider putting MAYBE 5 online. The dang bow would be on their right side and he would be taking the pic from the left. I was busy making sure everyone was ready to go for the next pic so I wish I would have been more of a dictator and paid attention there.

So, unfortunately, I have to get them redone. We are having family pics tomorrow with another photographer I know and she said I could talk to her about it tomorrow. I sent her pics of his and then sent her one of what I had in mind and so she understands what I'm looking for.

I have a few girls on my other board editing a few of the pics so I can post the edited ones when they are done. The others I don't even want to look at again-lol
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