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Default Making Braided Headband with 4 colors

Originally Posted by kittycow2 View Post
hi, I overlooked the post with Olivia-mom. I have a question for you, What size to you cut your ribbon to. I think i understand about gluing them together but I don't want to waste any ribbon so I wanted to cut the right amount the first time. You half or open up at the joint where you quit gluing the ribbon at?
Ok--I am such a picture person, but will try to explain in cut 4 pieces of ribbon to the correct length (so you will be using more ribbon for 4 colors, as you now have to cut 4 pieces to say 37 inches instead of just 2 pieces)...glue 2 pieces together about 3/4 inch overlap (so you are trying to create one continuous strand from 2 pieces)...then glue the other 2 the same way...keeping in mind that the 2 colors that are facing you will become the center of the headband and the 2 colors on the reverse will become the exterior of the braid. You will now make a small loop only the width of your you need to take the joint...and fold your ribbon so that your joint is hidden (note...see heathers are creating the first loop to start your braid) and tack it with glue. This is your first the same with the second set of will take the first loop...push it through the second loop...then make another loop...push it through the second...and repeat...make sense? If not...PM me!
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