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Default Re: NoBowNoGo vs BBM

The templates from NBNG just came out last night so no one has them except a few people that tested them. I have the instruction book for them (which are wonderful) & the templates are on the way. I also have the BBM & really like it. I truly think it all depends on what you are wanting to do & your preference. NBNG has instructions for the boutique bows & BBM is coming out with those in the spring. I have my own strange way of doing things so I have to try all my options before I decide which one works for me.
This is kinda similar to asking about LAMBS vs TOTTS. Everyone will have their own preference for one over the other. I also have the TOTTS with the bowmaker & can only use that for certain bows.
I am not sure if this helps or makes it worse.
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