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Default Re: Tip for Creasing Bows

Originally Posted by MysMom View Post
I'm sure this has been mentioned a thousand times before, but I've never seen it and if it could be of help to anyone just starting out, than I'd be happy.

I started weaving a straight pin through the center folds of my bow where they all meet. I usually just do 2, starting at the top and going under and back up, then scrunch the ribbon down around it while I secure it with my bow wire. This has made it so much easier to crease my bows and not loose the loops like I used to. Before I tie a second knot, I remove the pin and make any adjustments I need to, and then cinch it down tight and double knot it. Basically the same as sewing it.

Hope that helps someone out!
I read this earlier but now I am having a hard time visualizing it...any pictures?
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