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Default Re: Bows w/ Marabou?? Help!

Originally Posted by mommylaur View Post
I just bought a strand of white marabou and have no idea how to incorporate it into a bow! First, I heard that it can unravel when you cut it? So what do you do?!? Then do you put it where you would spikes? I have absolutely no idea! Sew it, glue it, wire it?!? Lol, thanks for the much needed marabou education!!
i cut the size i need/want. then i make a circle with it, using a dab of hot glue on the end and attach to the two ends together. once it cools i bring the sides together. I make one side the 2 ends that were joined, basically forming a l instead of an o and then I attach in the center of my base bow or spikes. I put a dab of hot glue to secure it but then use embroidery thread and double knot it for extra security. then put my top bow center or whatever you want to use.

hope this helps.
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