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Originally Posted by mygrammy View Post
I also thought those were adorable and tried making some. The first ones, I just cut numerous squares of tulle, found the center, gathered tightly with thread and tied. (Much as you would with a pom-pom) After separating the layers to create the fullness, I trimmed the ’corners’ to make the ball shape. The next one I made, I cut the tulle into circles, stitched through the center area several times, then cut thru all layers to about one-half inch of the center. Then I separated, turned and twisted. I really prefer cutting into circles to start.

For attaching it to the dowel, I first sewed a tight ‘sleeve’ of scrap fabric, and slipped the dowel into that. I hand stitched the top and bottom openings. Since I am a big fan of E6000, I applied that to the top end and down the dowel about a half inch to an inch. I separated the tulle in one area to stick the glued dowel into the center of the ball. Then, wrapped some of the tulle to the glued area, tied it in place with thread, added decorative ribbon streamers and fluffed the tulle back into ball shape.

I was uncertain if this would hold the dowel in place, but my granddaughter has played with hers non-stop and it is holding up fine. I will see if she will let me ‘borrow’ it back long enough to take pics. The others I already gave away.

They were fun and easy to make. Mine was fuller that the one shown here, but not as full as the ones at whimsywendy.
I am lost! Help someone! I am trying to make these as favors my my daughter's ballet birthday party and I'm stuck.

I took a bunch of tulle circles and stacked them. I tried to follow the instrcutions above, but I'm having a hard time after I sew them and cut the slit through the layers. I can't figure out what to do next. After I try and separate the circles in half and pull them away from each other, I try to twist them, but I can't obviously get them to stay that way. They untwist! I also want to attach the dowel, but haven't figured out how to do it right.

I already sewed 10 of these sets together. Can anyone give me some advice on how to finish it!!!???!!!
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