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Default Glued for Good

How do you know when that is the glue to use for bow life? I have been testing different types of glue and this is what I realised

1. UHU - small yellow tube. Easy to apply. Low vapour irritant - Doesn't hold well at all! It is all nice and neat, but when I yanked the ribbon, it comes off! Ugh.
2. High temp glue sticks from art and craft stores - Cheap! - As lousy as it is cheap. Dries super quick, lumpy (my clippies looks like toadies). Bonds a wee bit better than UHU, but still will come off.
3. High temp glue sticks from hardware store - Slightly more pricy, but seems to hold everything together better than the others. I had to use quite a bit of force to remove if I were to glue the wrong stuff together.

Are there glues out there that holds like cement? Should I be using one with a "death grip"? What is your benchmark in deciding which is the best glue for the job? I would like to try E6000, but I gotta wait till after my pregnancy cos the vapours are apparently harmful to health.

I am worried that babies may chew buttons and stuff off.
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