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Default Anyone successfully use 5/8" with Brilliant Bow Maker?

Ok - apparently I'm not very smart! Karyn gave me these instructions for using 5/8" ribbon and I can't figure it out. Any other advice?

> If you want to use the narrower ribbon, you can "eye" it, or try this:
> Put a piece of 5/8" ribbon under the arms on the medium or large
> template. Line it up to the inside of the template, with the edge of
> the ribbon lined up against the tabs on the top and the bottom of the
> template. Put a piece of tape across the template from top to bottom
> to close off the extra space on the arms. You should be able to then
> use the regular wrapping technique to make your bow. Line up the
> other two folds tight against the top and bottom tabs as well.
> To secure it, you may have to tweak the ribbon a bit to line it up a
> bit better, but otherwise it will come out perfectly. You can also
> just accordian stitch down the center and pull it off, cinch it up on
> the thread and knot the end. When you are done, just peel the tape
> off, it shouldn't be too difficult to peel it off the plastic
> template.
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