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Default Re: How do you attach..........

Originally Posted by ronda View Post
I would sew. Do you have the storebought kind of headband with the seam showing or is it a handmade kind with the seam kinda hidden (there's usually a line of stitching covering it? If the seam is showing, I'd wrap the ribbon all the way around - use 5/8" or 7/8" - and hand stitch it to the inside of the headband. If the seam is one of those hidden ones, I'd use a piece of 3/8" to sew a strap on top, right on top of the seam. Then whatever you clip will hide that line of stitching.
I have the ones that have the seam on the inside of the headband, I thought I would need to cover that with ribbon so it wouldn't leave a mark on babies head. I tried hand sewing it & it just looked lumpy, I didn't like it. Then I tried using fabri-tac & it just wasn't tight enough to hold the clip securely ( it would flop around). Maybe I am not sewing it correctly???

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