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Default Re: Bottle Cap Instructions?

Originally Posted by butterflyladybug01 View Post
I was woundering if anyone had any bottle cap instructions? I want to give them a try. I also was woundering where is the best place to get the supplies. I want to try not to spend an arm and a leg.

Thanks A Bunch!
I think a lot of people get their bottlecaps from brewing companies. I think one of the popular ones is WilliamsBrewing (I think that is right-you might have to google it). As far as the coating on top I have heard of people using diamond glaze and envirotex. I think those are the thicker ones that look like glass. You will also need a sealant before you put the glassy coating over your image. You will need a 1 inch hole punch to punch your pictures out and you can either make your own or buy images off of etsy or some other sites.

I have never done this but have read about it. I am sure there will be much more experienced people to help you out. It would also probably help if you did a search. There are a bunch of threads on how to do this..
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