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Default Why do people buy "crappy" bows????

We are doing a show this weekend and last Spring we were the only bowmakers. This fall, there is a table set up right next to ours that sells bows. Grant it, I "overheard" the girl say that they've only been doing it for 3 weeks & it shows. Not to be a "ribbon snob" but their ribbon was cheap and their bows were ugly!!! However, they are cheap. $2 for a stacked boutique bow!!??!! Anyways, since the bows are so cheap, & it seems like they are having more sales!! Last night I was talking to them & she said that they wanted to drive to a town an 1.5 hours away just to look at new ribbon...."she was tired of looking at the same ribbon at Wal-Mart, Hobby, & Joann's". I didn't tell her about all the great ribbon that is better (& cheaper in the long run) online. Awful, I know.

Why would someone want to pay for a $2 bow that sides are not even & looks like crap????

It would've been nice if the owners of the show would not have put us right next to each other.....I mean...our bow holders are touching!!!!

I better get ready to go up there & relieve my friend of her duties today!
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