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Default Re: Glue Shows Thru Ribbon - Any Tips?

Originally Posted by ~Amy~ View Post
I have that problem with lighter colored ribbon. Someone on here gave me a tip that has worked. I use hot glue and put a bit more than I normally use. Then I use my fingers to squeeze the ribbon together so that the excess glue comes out the sides. Then very quickly, I swipe down the sides and wipe all the excess glue off. My fingers are so used to it, that it doesn't bother me anymore. When I do it this way the whole underside of the ribbon has glue, so even though it shows, you can't tell, because it's all the same color. Does that make sense?

Here's my original question:
That makes sense. I will have to give that a try too, not sure how happy my fingers will be, but I will try in the name of pretty clippies
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