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Default Re: Ribbon for pony tails

Being I kinda started this thread back in March I will tell you that it was a great success. I sold $250 in just cut ribbon. I cut the strips 32" with heat sealed slanted ends. I charged $2 for solid and $2.50 for print, but have even seen solid sell for $2.50 each. My husband and I set up a little jig with my metal ruler and glass cutting mat. Measured the 34" from the edge of the table and pulled one ribbon at a time and cut, and boy it took no time to cut. At the time I first tried this I did not have any bow cards and I took 3x5 index cards and made two slits in the middle about 1 1/2 inches apart. I folded the ribbon in half and again in half until it was just about the size of the card. I then slid the ribbon thru the cuts, this kept the ends looped and did not actually put a crease in the ribbon. Worked great and I get request for this a lot. Most teens, high school girls, and even college girls love these. They don't want them on pony o's because they just pull out the ribbon and wrap it around their pony tail and tie a plain bow like tying a shoelace. Sorry so wordy, but I don't explain very well unless I give details. HTH!
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