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Default Re: How to add flowers to headband?

Originally Posted by Stampin' Queen View Post
I tried to do a search and it didn't come up with anything. I may have done something wrong because I too thought there would have been discussion on this topic already too.
I meant to come back to this thread after I had a bit more energy....

Okay, I found this thread.

I put them on alligator clips as well. I line the clip in a coordinating color first, not doing the underside of the top part of the clip yet. Then I take apart the flower. I put E6000 on the clip and then press on the bottom-most layer of the flower, then use hot glue on each layer until I get to the center. I E6000 the center, whether it be the flower's real center or a jewel or whatever. Then I take a 1 in. piece of ribbon and seal the ends. Put glue on the center and glue it to the inside of the alligator clips' top part. Once that is set, I glue the two ends onto the bottom layer of the flower. Then I finally glue the last part of the ribbon to line the clip. It basically looks like a plus sign on the back of the flower. Let dry 24 hours for the E6000 to hold the flower to the clip. Ta -da - you're done.
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