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Default Re: How do these cards look?

They look great! To answer one of the questions of another poster, the standard sized postcards that they offer for free are heavier and better quality than cardstock. They are glossy, and much more professional than anything I could do on my home printer. They are like a regular postcard. You pay (around $4 I think) to upload the design for the first time, but after that you don't have to pay for the upload.

**Here is a TIP to save money** On the design you upload to vistaprint, do NOT add text to the uploaded image. Upload the design, without the text. You can add text through vistaprint, to get the look you want. The benefit to doing this is that you can then revise the card through vistaprint, adding any text you want, without having to pay another uploading fee. For example, add some text for the bow cards, but add different text for promotional materials. Same background, different text, and only uploaded (and charged) once.

I LOVE vistaprint, and use them for just about everything.

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