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Default Ribbon SNOWFLAKE Instructions! :) Have Fun!

Someone wanted to know the how-to and I came up with this. Simple as can be and ANYONE can make it!

1) 1/4 Ribbons
2) Glue or sew , that'll be your own preference

Here we GO!:

1) Cut 3 x 2". (Yes, on the board showed 2.5 but that's my, cut 2") For easy reference, these 3s are color Blue.

2) Cut 6 x 1". For easy reference, these 6s are the color Cream.

Make your 1" into a V shape. Fold in half, use the center grain as your guide to fold a "straight line" (if that makes it does). Glue 'em!!

Glue the V-shapes unto all the Blue ribbons. Make sure that all points are at the same height (V-shape & Blue ribbon). This is how the back will look. Notice that no ribbons are longer than the other...

This is how the front will look like:

Once all are *assembled*, spread it out like this, EVENLY. Since the Blue ribbons are of 2", your center is easily at 1" down in the middle. Make sure the Cream ribbons doesn't touch to next.

Embelish center like this:

Or, like this:

Or, embelish it to your hearts' content... Feel free to improvise as this instruction is just basically, basic.

Happy Bowmaking...and hth..

cynthia =)

p/s: Excuse my ugly cutting board and the bad lighting on the pics...hehehehe... at least they're still viewable...
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