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Default Re: Brilliant Bow Maker and printed ribbon?


I'm back at home with my computer that I missed so much!!! I was going into withdrawl PLEASE ask if you have any questions at all. I'm more than happy to do what I can to help. No questions are stupid questions!

Lots of good suggestions here, thank you for sharing some ideas. The way the ribbon is wrapped around the template will leave the printed side of the tails down.

quick question - are you making long tails that hang down, or just want small tag-like tails that are seen peeking out from the back?
I would do one of two things if you want to see printed tails-

After you cinch the center - try flipping the tails over, sometimes you can pull then to the opposite side, and then the center knot or wrap will keep them in place.

OR - easier, Cut your ribbon slightly shorter, so you make the bow with no tails (or just cut them off after securing it together), and then add a "fake" tail piece to the back, and cinch the whole thing together.
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