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Originally Posted by lilianaleahy View Post
I'm planning to make tutu for my nieces, but I want to make it a surprise even fiir their mom. However, I have no idea on how big their waist are. Any idea on 5yo and 7yo waist?? If I want to make tutu dresses, how long should i cut my 6" tulle? Any instruction, tricks or hints before I make my tutus?

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My 5yo has a 22" waist. I cut the elastic at 20" and sometimes at 21" lol- it will stretch some when I put the tulle on it. For the 7yo, I would cut it at 22".

I have never made a tutu dress, but would like to. My daughter is a shortie. She is only 38" tall. My other friend's kids are 44". maybe that will help you with the length of the tulle? I think I would have it be about 27" long on her. but that is pretty long. i like long! I would add 3 inches to the 7yo's. I came up with 3 inches by comparing growth charts...there is a 3 inch difference for ages 5 compared to age 7

Hope this helps!
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